The Deacon, Trump, Take a Hike: Part 1

Excuse my language but I had one hell of a week. I ended a friendship with one of my longer standing friends over differences of opinion, but I have to break it down into the tiny parts which have everything to do with my religion and how I experience a dark side of worship. That is all in part 1. In part 2, I went on my first hiking trip which is how religion can bring a sense of community and boost of self-worth.

The Deacon: Religious Leaders Are Not Always Holy

Stereotypically, I should be a Republican because I am Catholic. That is wrong. I am a registered Democrat, and I am Catholic. I label myself as a “Liberal Catholic who politically falls in the center.” I will go more into what I believe in a more detailed post or if you want to ask me personally, email me. My now ex-friend who shall be nameless published a post on Facebook saying “somebody should shoot Donald Trump.” He has posted posts advocating the assassination of people he disagrees with things he doesn’t care for in the past. I kept telling him it’s not cool to do that, but he doesn’t want to listen. This time, I got annoyed with it (as are his friends on Facebook.) He accused me of being for Trump, which I am not at all for Trump.  It’s not because I am for Trump, it’s because my values have changed. A year ago, I would have let it slide, but now, I don’t care if it’s the guy who killed Trayvon Martin, it’s a human being let natural causes do the work. I don’t advocate the murder of any kind. What got to me is that he is Deacon at his church. It broke my heart that somebody who is religious and I thought was intelligent would be for violence. He even mentioned that he would love to kill people who got on his nerves and that he is a superhero. I talked about it to my best friend and sponsor offline who is a marriage and family counselor major at a local university in my area and she wonders if something happened to him developmentally to make him think that way. He mentioned that he puts his religious life and personal life separately which may be okay for his religion (which made me upset when he broke it down for me that way) but here is what my beloved Mother Teresa said in the book “No Greater Love.”

No Greater Love

In the chapter, “On Being Holy,” on page 62 of Mother Teresa’s “No Greater Love,” She says this about Holiness,

“We shall bear wrongs patiently by offering no resistance to the wicked. If anyone hits us on the right cheek, we shall turn the left also; if anyone takes anything away from us, we shall not try to get it back. We shall forgive injuries by seeking no revenge but returning good for evil, by loving our enemies and praying for those who persecuted us and blessing those who curse us.”

I think a lot about my former friend because I care. How he got to a point where he got miserable and is hiding it. He is lying to himself when he says his life is perfect and then turns around and says he is in therapy. I remembered why I chose Blessed Teresa of Calcutta as my Christian name and took the high road…and went on my first hike that Sunday.

To Be Continued in Part 2.


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  1. oarubio says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend who believes one’s religion/ faith can be separated from his everyday life.

    Regarding Catholics being liberal, middle-of-the-road or conservative, the answer can be all of the above. Catholic doctrine never changes. How it can be applied daily may appear to be one of the previously mentioned labels. That is only because the secular times changes.

    As I heard someone say a few years ago, the Church is never married to one age or she would become a widow when it moves on.

    I also heard it said with great wisdom: we must be Catholics first and Americans second. (For that matter, anyone who truly believes in a given faith should feel that way, Citizenship in this life is temporary, eternal citizenship is just that!)

    Back to proof of the labels: being against capital punishment in 99.99% of the cases might have someone labelled “liberal” — promoting a balanced federal budget but stopping short of an ill-advised constitutional amendment might be “middle-of-the road while being pro-life is now “conservative.”


    1. Angel says:

      Thank you for your comment!
      I am going to see if I can post something about misconceptions about the church. I tried to mend fences with my friend and it seem like I got through to him but he had a lot of misguided knowledge about Catholicism that I think I should address.


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