Take A Hike: Part 2

There is a connection to the first post from last week, I promise. Initially, I wasn’t going to go on a hike in Wissahickon Park. I am a part of a group at my college, and I am a little older and don’t feel like I fit in, but I decided, I need to try something new.


Taking a rest at Forbidden Drive




Friendship is Magic

After the 11:30 am mass, we meet at the center, and it was great to see the Brothers who were back from vacation. One of them was concerned about my job security (more about that in another post.) I thought it was awesome that he was praying for me. There were six of us, and we split off into two cars. I bonded with the two young men in my car. When we got there, I revealed that this was my first hike ever, and I was there for my reason of hitting 10,0000 steps on my pedometer. We were six crazy Catholics who wanted to explore nature. We were looking for a monastery but wound up finding a hermit cave. I hit my 10,000 steps, and we grew closer to this adventure. When we came back Tuesday for Newman Night, there was a deeper meaning to all of this.


The Gospel for that night was Matthew 14: 22-36 (NAB). For space, I am not going to post it. However, my favorite priest Fr. Carols came back from two pilgrimages and to sum up his homily, he asked us “have we ever wanted to do something but were afraid to do it?” He also said you have to trust that God will be there to see us through. Of course, he was talking about having us going on pilgrimages. An earlier example that day was I was wall climbing, and it was a new path for me, I was almost at the top, but I was scared to make it to the top even though I had made it before on a different path. I didn’t trust in myself or God at that time. However, on the trail, I was able to believe that I could walk the 10,000 steps, though paths that I thought were dangerous and learn from my friends who walked those paths before.

Where the first post comes in; I don’t trust my friend the Deacon to be a good religious leader. It’s not about religious bias. God should be with you at every step. If you don’t like the fact that Donald Trump is a Presidential Hopeful, and you are a religious leader, then vote for somebody else. I know a lot of my friends who are religious that don’t use Facebook to complain about everything possible about their lives. If you are a believer in God, have faith that he can make things manageable for you. I am not perfect; I complain on my Facebook. A lot of the times it gets ignored. I have been thinking about pulling back what I post on Facebook and use it to communicate with people on messenger. Especially since my spiritual role in the church is growing. I think that trusting God was the first step to finding happiness, and I have to remind myself that.

The other five at Forbidden Drive



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  1. The Sara says:

    This looks beautiful!! I want to head up to Wissahickon one of these days.


    1. Angel says:

      It’s very easy to get to on SEPTA from Center City.


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