The Deacon: Follow Up

This post is off the cuff. I have been dealing with a lot of stress lately and I am on a one-day bed rest. So I am blogging from my bed.

I want to say that in this time in my bed is the more relaxing than going to bed at night. But I got to live my life and cannot be in bed for the rest of my life. I am going to allow one day of the week to rest.

To get to my point, as a new Catholic blogger fresh off of Confirmation, I am prone to share personal bias’. With my blog, I want to be as honest about myself as possible. However, I admit that in one post I may have come off as off-putting. I was still high in emotion from that experience. Pretty much, my friend accusing me of being a Trump supporter set me off because he is against everything I was taught about politics. What I was trying to explain to my friend that you cannot wish death on people. Pretty much putting Trump as a human not a celebrity or a political figure. To be honest, all of those people in that facebook post in their own way warned him about saying that on facebook.

When I went offline with the post to facebook¬†messenger, I tried as hard as I could to make him see that his leadership position in his church as Deacon (even though it’s not Catholic) should not be a separate entity from his personal life. It didn’t work…at that time.

When the news of Trump ordering the Assassination of Hillary Clinton came out, I decided to talk to him again to pretty much avoid a repeated attempt. While were not friends the same way that we were a few months ago, I still care for him. He told me that he is going to step down from being a Deacon after a conversation he had with his therapist. It made me wonder if a lot of the things I say to people affect them. I am a very smart woman and that is my downfall, people don’t listen to smart women or want to listen to advice. I try to be helpful to my friends on facebook but a lot of them are resistant to help. However, what I was taught by this is people are stubborn for help, initially but then a voice (God) will say to them that you should listen. Even if it’s the advice you don’t want God will find a way.

This was suppose to be my Thursday post but my anxiety got the better of me so I am going to see if I can make a post Wednesday. If you don’t see a pattern, my posts coincide with me going to mass on Tuesday and Sunday. I missed mass on Sunday because of my anxiety and I am going to confession mid week. I am was taught to abstain from communion if I did a mortal sin.

I also have been reading a few of the blogs who like my posts or follow me and I want to say your words are powerful, keep posting. Especially if you are young adults, I see blogging as a form of evangelization in the 21st Century.


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