The Waiting Game

It’s not easy being me. I wouldn’t want anybody to take over my life because I think I have control over it that I am afraid that people would mess it up. However, I have not been doing enough to hand my life over to God. And this news I am about to share is proof that I need to slow down. I have been overworking myself to get good grades at Drexel because I am on probation. I am constantly judged because I don’t have a steady job. I am expected to get people out of situations because I am so good at knowing things. My housemate is an alcoholic gossipy person who could get all of us evicted. I have been doing that and I am ignoring something that is most important, my health and my well being.


Surprise, Health!

A few weeks ago, I found out my Vitamin D levels were dangerously low. Of course, being a millennial with a computer, I looked up what does that mean. The fact that I haven’t been getting enough sun made no sense to me because I was outside a lot. My doctor said that with the medication, my Vitamin D levels are going to be low but I didn’t think we could have predicted that it was going to be dangerously low. Since I cannot afford to get Vitamin D supplements, I rearranged my diet so I can get Vitamin D in the foods I eat. Then yesterday I felt a lump under my arm.


Cancer and St Agatha

My grandmother is a two time breast cancer survivor so after I made the appointment, I called her first. She said it doesn’t sound like cancer but it was good you got an appointment. Then I had a horrible night were a former coworker was trying to get me to lie about being caught in sexual act with a guy (more about that in another post.) I almost couldn’t sleep. I told very few friends and am pretty much putting it to God’s hands. Also St. Agatha. I happen to have gotten confirmed at St Agatha & St James in Philadelphia. I am including a few links because I think she is a brave wonderful woman that all Catholic women going through cancer should pray to. I have my appointment at 3:15pm Friday so please pray for me and whatever happens I am going to let God handle it.



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