Welcome Back, Angel!

After a longer than usual hiatus, I am back. A lot has changed but I am not going to spend an entire post talking about it. I try to live by the philosophy of if you worry about the past, you will be depressed. Whatever comes up from my long hiatus will come up as I keep blogging.

What I will talk about is how hard being at my mom’s house and being Catholic is. It’s not the fact that my family isn’t Catholic, it’s the fact that I am not putting in as much effort to do anything in the comfort of my mother’s house as I did when I was on my own. I made a decision to test out a housing situation at a Catholic Center where young adults live and are exposed to Catholic life. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look far for it. It’s in Philadelphia! I am working out the details with the people there. I am praying that I get in.

My life has also come together on the friendship front. It’s been a year since I was confirmed in the church and during that year, I took a long hiatus from life due to depression. Before I left, I started to go to the Catholic Center. I would drop by for their Thursday night dinner and a Tuesday mass and fellowship. A side note, I think the word fellowship is so beautiful to me, just like networking for my tech side.

A side note, I think the word fellowship is so beautiful to me, just like networking for my tech side. Fellowship to me is networking through Christ to get to know more about Christ.

Anyway, I went to one dinner after getting out of my funk then Easter happened and I went back to my home parish to meet the newly admitted. Then a dinner happened on Thursday that changed me a little.

I met Archbishop Charles Chaput. He is the author of Strangers In A Strange Land and is the head of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. If it wasn’t for the catholic center that I go to a few times a month, I wouldn’t have met him. If it wasn’t for my friend Ray, I wouldn’t have talked to him. If it wasn’t for me and Ray sitting next to each other, I wouldn’t have told Ray that I code and we’re now working on a project.

What Ray and I agreed on was that the priests and people above him, at least in this area, are very approachable and nice. If you read the Archbishop’s content on the Diocese website, his demeanor from being an awesome and opinionative man may come across as unflattering and strict. In reality, he is a very approachable man who happens to have the teachings of the religion down pact. I also don’t see him in the same light as say a mob boss from General Hospital or The Sopranos who expects all the members of the religion to kiss his ring. He is more like a kind figure who I hope to add to my list of awesome people I met since getting confirmed.

In case you are wondering, I am still single and still catholic. I noticed my view count rose and I believe it was due in part to BeautyBeyondWords who I follow on Patreon.

I know I don’t post often and I apologize for it. I am planning to post more often this year. Also be more organized about posting.


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